If you don't have any idea which places to visit, here you can find some inspirations. Enjoy the collection of my photos from Europe :)

Amsterdam, the Nietherlands

The capital of the Netherlands is a good choice in all seasons. Within a few days you can walk around on foot, or you can rent a bike. Just we have to remember where we left our bike…

Zaanse Schans, the Nietherlands

If you are in Amsterdam, you should visit the Zaanse Schans Museum, 15 km from the capital. You can walk hours among the windmills and the Dutch wooden houses. Fresh air and waffle. Do we need more?

Prague, Czechia

The capital of the Czech Republic does not need to be introduced to anyone. A great choice for a long weekend. Besides beer there are some delicacies that are worth tasting ... but Czech beer is Czech beer, no question :)

Kutna Hora, Czechia

If you spend more days in Prague, you can You can go around. Kutna Hora is approx. one hour's drive from the capital. The bone chapel must have been heard by many, but it is worth visiting the Church of St. Barbara. Very nice and less scary.

Czech Switzerland, Czechia

The national park on the Czech-German border is worth hiking from spring to autumn. Even if we only have one day, it is worth visiting the park. You do not need super fit to go up, and the view compensates for all our efforts.

Karlovy Vary, Czechia

The largest spa town in the Czech Republic attracts a large number of tourists. Walking through the city you can taste the medicinal waters (just carefully). If you had enough of hot water, you can taste Becherovka, which is made in the city (but carefully too).

Cesky Krumlov, Czechia

This little fairy tale town is well worth a trip. If you do not want to get stuck in the crowd, you should visit it in spring or autumn. The small town is easy to walk on, the only challenge is to take pictures without any tourists (I managed :))

Wroclaw, Poland

You can spend half a day only on the main square and its surroundings, but it is worth walking around the city. If you love to play, you can look for dwarves which appear all over the city (there are more than 300 of them). Get a map and be on the watch :)

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a historical city with 800,000 inhabitants, but still safe and easy to get around on foot. We can eat pirogis, we can drink vodka, we can watch the fire-dragon (you don't need to drink vodka to see it).

Gdansk, Poland

It is the largest port city in Poland, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It is worth to spend two or three days in the city, during which time we can comfortably walk around, visit museums and eat delicious food. If we still have one day left, we can jump to one of Sopot or Gdynia, which forms a Tricity with the Gdansk.

Monopoli, Italy

If you are in Bari, don't miss Monopoli. Bright buildings, sea, cozy little streets and delicious ice cream at the heels of Italian "boot". Do we need more on a hot summer day?

Triest, Italy

A cozy harbor town that coffee lovers will not be disappointed with, thanks to the old coffee houses in the city. The coffee you can choose a delicious sweet and your siesta is complete. Just watch your table, pigeons will join you if they see something delicious :).

Lecco, Italy

Lecco is a small town by the lake Como, 50 km from Milan. The city is surrounded by mountains, so hiking is a very popular activity. Whether you are just walking around the city or hiking, it is worth eating one or two (three or four) scoops of ice cream to have energy for everything :)

Alberobello, Italy

Alberobello is one of the strangest Italian small towns. As if we were dripping into a fairy tale, we can see trullo houses everywhere. No, no elves live in them. If we are in the Puglia region, it is worth spending one day in this town, strolling through the interesting houses.

Milan, Italy

Milan is also a very good destination if we only have one free day. Apart from the wellknown attractions, the best thing there is coffee-pizza-ice cream triples (of course not immediately one after another). If ice cream falls on our clothes, no problem, we can immediately buy a new, pretty items, it can be Prada, Armani or Gucci, in Milan we can :find the best brands :)

Paris, France

The capital of France is certainly not a one-day-trip destination. If you want to see only the most famous sights, you should wear comfortable shoes as you willwalk a couple of kilometers.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The capital of Slovenia can be a pleasant stay during a summer long weekend. It is worth walking around the city on foot or by bicycle, having coffee or shopping. When we're tired, it's time to take a cruise on Ljubljanica.

London, England

London is one of the larger cities with a population of almost 9 million. The main sights can be reached on foot, but you can get there by metro as well. If you want to see the city from above, then hop on the London Eye and you can observe the Big Ben from 135 m high.

Vienna, Austria

The Austrian capital is a good choose for a one-day-trip. After a whole day walking you will be tired in the evening but you can relax and taste locals favorite - Wiener Schnitzel.

Mallorca, Spain

On the biggest island of Spain you can find sandy beaches, go hiking or partying until morning. The sea is already relatively warm in June,but we can sunburn in May if we are not careful :).

Porto, Portugal

Second largest city of Portugal, where you should spend at least a day or two. Interesting museums, wines, walking on the Dom Luis I Bridge (it is worth to go up after dusk) and you will be captivated by the Portuguese atmosphere. Not just Harry Potter fans should visit the Lello bookstore, though it's worth getting ready for the crowd (and the entrance fee).


The capital of Portugal can be attractive in the whole year. History, fine wines, waterside. Do we need more? Yes,we do - pastel de Nata (or pastel de Belém) with a good, strong coffee. The coffee will give you enough energy to explore the Alfama quarter.

Lagos, Portugal

While travelling in southern Portugal, Lagos is a must-see with its beautiful colours and the ocean, which is not too cold even in early autumn. Anyone who loves codfish will surely find something delicious there. If you don't just want to sunbathe and swim, you can try diving or go on a cruise, you just have to choose from the offerings.

Ghent, Belgium

If you spend a few days in Brussels, it's worth exploring the surrounding area. It takes 40 minutes by train to get to Ghent, built at the crossroads of two rivers. If Brugge's north Venice, then Ghent's north Florence, is perfect for a day trip. Those who love history and architecture will not be disappointed.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list for 20 years. As soon as we got off the train, it is like getting off a time machine and travelling back a few hundred years in time. An hour's train ride from the capital and you'll find yourself in north Venice. The historic city is worth a tour by boat.

Brussels, Belgium

It's worthwhile to visit the Belgian capital from spring to autumn, equipped with umbrella and sunglasses (maybe it won't snow in summer, but you never know). Prices aren't the lowest, but you don't have to go to an expensive restaurant to eat well. Big french fries, a waffle with all the good things, and you don't have to worry about the daily calorie intake anymore :) But a Belgian beer will surely be good before we visit Atomium.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a vibrant city, divided into two parts by Danube. You can walk around, go for a bus tour or boat tour. It is your choice how you discover a city but do not miss the local cuisine.

Portadown, Northern Ireland

Portadown is not exactly a tourist attraction. It is a small riverside town in Northern Ireland, approx. 50 km from Belfast. We can feel the Irish culture and mentality in the town, and we can discover many Protestant and Catholic churches walking around the city.

Stavros, Greece

Stavros is a holiday village 80 km from Thessaloniki. Clean beach, cruise ships, shopping, fine Greek cuisine and sunshine all summer long.

Athens, Greece

The capital of Greece is worth visiting in the spring and autumn. Most attractions are relatively close to each other and it is worth walking around the city. After visiting the Acropolis, we can drink a frappe and eat a gyros, we won't be disappointed in Greek cuisine.

Aegina, Greece

While you are in Athens, you have to visit Aegina. A long walk, a
delicious lunch and a taste of pistachio. And, of course, the sea.

Berlin, Germany

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Eagle`s Neast, Germany

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Belgrade, Serbia

In the capital of Serbia we can meet the Balkan hospitality. Belgrade can be a good destination in every season. The 800-meter-long pedestrian area is the centre of the city, full of shops and performers. Don't be surprised to see Cyrillic inscriptions and street signs in most places. Anyone who has studied Russian can now benefit from it.

Prizren, Kosovo

Not the most typical destination, but Prizren is definitely worth a trip. Balkan cuisine, kind hospitality, nature, mosques. All at a very good price.

Pristina, Kosovo

The capital of Kosovo is also captivated by the Balkan atmosphere. We can find Bill Clinton among the huge panel houses, but we can shop at Hillary if we like :) In restaurants you can try the delicious Balkan coisine.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital of Denmark has plenty of sights beyond the Little Mermaid statue and Christiania. Anyone who loves hiking and biking should not miss out from their bucket list Anyone who likes to cruise should also add it the list.